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Information About This Site

You can find the source code for this site here.

This website’s theme and (most of) its features were made by me. My goal was to make a Jekyll site with almost no plugins. I like plugins, and I like spinning up my own solutions where possible.

However, no building gets built alone and I wanna thank the following people and projects that helped make my life so much easier:


So this site is now live in order to pressure me to not sit on it and “wait until it’s finished.” The famous line I say before I shelve projects.

So…I decided to publish it while it still is in development. There’s a bunch of features/things I want to implement/test that I haven’t done so. I’ll use this little section to keep track of them:

  • SEO management from within the Netlify CMS

    | Done, 12.13.21

  • Honeypot
  • Date archives
  • Better tag and category archives
  • RSS feed
  • Implement icons in a resource conscious way
  • More accessibility testing

    | Testing tools set up

  • Non-proprietary comment solutions
  • WebP and image management
  • Night mode without a framework
  • “Last Edited.” At the moment that only date that pops up is the last time the website was compiled
  • Automated Deploy

    | Done, 12.14.21 | I love GH actions

If you have any resources that can help me accomplish any of these, please contact me.