Daniel Hernandez

Writer of code, words, and music.


B.S. Computer Science – Northeastern Illinois University (2017 – Present)
A.S. Computer Science – Harold Washington College (2014 – 2017)

URO at NEIU | Chicago, IL

Lead Developer / Content Developer
October 2017 - Present

I’m in charge of the lead development of Northeastern Illinois University’s student-led organization URO’s website (Undocumented, Resilient, and Organized). My main responsibilities include server upkeep and infrastructure (such as our mailing list set-up), front/back-end development.

GitHub | San Francisco, CA

Social Impact Program Coordinator
June 2017 - August 2017

Part 1: I was responsible for developing/deploying a survey and email campaign for GitHub’s nonprofit program participants. In order to achieve this, GitHub’s email database had to be parsed to find accounts that matched a given criteria, which ended up being around 25,000 accounts.

Next, I drafted a survey (in Survey Monkey) and email campaign and templates (in MailChimp). The survey and campaign templates went through a lot of review by the marketing, open source, and social impact teams. Finally, when enough information was collected, I had to parse and interpret it through R/Python. The data science team helped a lot.

Part 2: When the information was parsed, I wrote a a report of the findings. Finally, I had to write documentation on how non-profits can leverage use open-source software and projects for their mission.

Extra: During the internship I worked out of GitHub’s HQ, however, I had to collaborate with people all over the world! Mainly through Slack and Zoom meetings.

iD Tech | Evanston, IL

Summer 2015, Summer 2016

I worked two summers as an iD Tech instructor for their summer camps. I was primarily in charge of overseeing and ensuring the safety/well-being of a small group of campers, usually composed of 5 to 8 individuals of varying ages, as well as learn, adapt, and teach a provided curriculum. Secondary responsibilities included leading camp activities, collaborating with other instructors/managers to plan events, provide technical support when needed, create supplemental class materials, and lead camper/parent diploma ceremonies every Friday afternoon.

During my two summers, I taught Game Design/Java Modding through Minecraft (2015) and Web Development through HTML/CSS/JavaScript (2016).


A website dedicated to the student-run university organization URO (Undocumented, Resilient, & Organized).


A script dedicated to automating the download and installation of several packages in fresh Ubuntu-based systems.

Scarlet Dawn Music

A music marketplace built for myself.

Sky Template

A simple HTML template to help others start a static resume site.

The Ardent

A website for Chicago metalcore band The Ardent. Static.
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Git
  • GNU/Linux and Assorted Technologies
  • Ruby On Rails