Daniel Hernandez

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Sleep deprived student passionate about web development, social impact, music, and FLOSS.

I've always been a tech kid at heart.


Programming Languages

  • HTML: Experienced
  • CSS: Experienced
  • JavaScript: Experienced
  • PHP: Experienced
  • Python: Experienced
  • Ruby/Rails: Somewhat Experienced


  • GNU/Linux: Very Experienced
  • Git: Very Experienced
  • Sound Design/Editing: Experienced
  • CMS Management: Experienced
  • Bootstrap: Experienced
  • Google Ads Platform: Experienced
  • Photo/Vector Editing: Comfortable
  • Video Editing: Somewhat Experienced



Marketing Assistant at Ankle N Foot

From Nov 2018 to Present

Leading digital marketing initiatives at Ankle N Foot. Most of my work centers around balancing ad campaigns as well as coming up with organic ways to increase their clientele. I also assisted with the launch of their new website by migrating a lot of their old infrastructure.

Web Developer at SubSeven Designs

From Aug 2017 to Present

Created a series of websites for small business owners around the Chicago area. Assisted either in design, deployment, or a combination of both.

Social Impact Program Coordinator at GiHub

From Jun 2017 to Aug 2017

Developed a survey and email campaign for GitHub nonprofit customers. We wanted to understand how nonprofits and how they used open-source. The survey went out to 25,000 accounts.
Then, the results were interpreted and analyzed survey information with R, Python, Looker, and SQL. The results of this survey were then compiled into a report and published.

J. S. The Exchange

From Nov 2015 to May 2017

Assisted as sales rep with the maintenance and upkeep of our locations.

Instructor at iD Tech

From Jun 2014 to Aug 2016 (Seasonal)

During my employment with iD tech, I was primarily in charge of overseeing and ensuring the safety/well-being of a small group of campers, usually composed of 5 to 8 individuals of varying ages, as well as learn, adapt, and teach a provided curriculum. Secondary responsibilities included leading camp activities, collaborating with other instructors/managers to plan events, provide technical support when needed, create supplemental class materials, and lead camper/parent diploma ceremonies every Friday afternoon. I taught HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Minecraft Game Design, and Java modding.


B.S. Computer Science at Northeastern Illinois University

From 2017 to Present

Involved in URO (Undocumented, Resilient and Organized): Web Admin, Secretary (Fall 2017 - Spring 2018), President, Web Admin (Fall 2018-Present). Responsible for creating events, overseeing organization initiatives, and creating a welcoming athmosphere.

A.A.S Science at Harold Washington College

From 2014 to 2017

Involved in STEM Club in 2015-2016. Held office initially as Secretary and then as web developer in 2016.

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